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{ the republic | summer 2015 }

the republic was a proof-of-concept experience that established the foundation for our future interactive productions. billed as a "real life video game," this experience mashed up elements of immersive theater with gaming to allow players to truly control the weird world around them.

making its sold-out debut at the Orlando Fringe festival, this inventive experience became an instant phenomenon that was unlike anything the city had ever seen. players praised its in-depth level of interactivity and the raw energy it created for every participant.

across an 18,000 square foot warehouse, an alternate reality was formed - a dystopian world inspired by the works of plato, greek mythology, fritz lang's "metropolis," and terry gilliam's "brazil." no two evenings were ever the same, as the show changed in realtime, live directed based on the decisions players made.

over its 11-week run (may-july 2015), it invigorated more than 1,000 players and helped solidify our path toward creating even bigger experiences that would touch audiences on an even deeper level.

{ video | the republic }

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{ music | the republic }

the soundtrack of the republic helped define the different factions players could side with during the experience.

original music scored by greg nicolett was mastered in four moods (stasis, momentum, unrest, and tension). the soundtrack blended seamlessly across the entire 18,000 square foot space as separate tracks played simultaneously, working in perfect harmony as it changed in realtime while the action unfolded.

below is a small sampling of music from the republic.

{ the office }

{ the republic }

{ the labyrinth }

{ creative team | the republic }

director, co-producer, co-writer:
sarah a.s. elger

lead writer:
nikhil menezes

co-producer & technical director:
ricky brigante

set designers:
sarah a.s. elger, nathanael white

greg nicolett

makeup fx designers:
dave "doc" o'connell, eric garcia

logo designers:
ray keim, ricky brigante

web designer, photographer, videographer:
ricky brigante

phil burgos