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{ catharsis | halloween 2016 }

catharsis was our opportunity to enter the realm of halloween time experiences. an immediate follow up to when shadows fall, this 30-minute immersive haunted experience deviated from the traditional haunted houses orlando is famous for, replacing long winding conga lines with intimate, personal horror.

guests began their journey by entering an old, unmarked warehouse entirely on their own. inside, they were met with little more than a flickering screen indicating they had arrived in the right place along with instructions to sign our guest book and proceed down the hall. in the guest book, a question was posed of every guest: "what sin tempts you most?"

those brave enough to venture down the darkened path on their own were delighted to find the deadly sins bar. there were no lines to be found in this experience, instead replaced by a comfortable, lively, and deadly sexy lounge featuring unique cocktails, burlesque entertainment, and even a chance to be pulled away for sinful one-on-one interactions.

after indulging themselves in the bar, guests were summoned by bar owner selena blackwood, who sent them on an urban exploration through the fallen society of PENUMBRA. what evil awaited in the shadows of this formerly sordid society? everyone who entered soon came face-to-face with temptation, ultimately forced to choose a path of sin or salvation.

the experience was staged in orlando, fl across 13 nights in october 2016. it creeped out more than 1,000 attendees.

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{ creative team | catharsis }

co-director, co-producer, lead writer:
ricky brigante

co-director, co-producer, writer:
sarah a.s. elger

writer & mixologist:
nikhil menezes

set designers:
nathanael white, timothy logan, sarah a.s. elger

logo & web designer, photographer, videographer:
ricky brigante

william dodson